Sustainable Development that Ends World Poverty

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Family Communities® (SFC) has evolved from the Sustainable Development work done by Our Family Orphan Communities, Inc. to create economically self-sustaining communities of couples adopting orphans.

The Sustainable Family Community model has been further developed to have a sustainable economy, environment, food-supply and society. It is designed to last for generations. It is a model capable of eliminating poverty one-Community-at-a-time.

The effects of poverty are the main cause of children being put in orphanages (due to abuse, abandonment, neglect and other causes). By reducing poverty we reduce the number of children going into institutions.

These Communities are not charities. Nor is this just a program to “teach a man to fish…”, which is often referred to by many as the answer to the war on poverty.  Teaching a person a skill, whether fishing or carpentry is laudable. If, however, there is no place to fish or no jobs for that person, what has been gained?  True sustainable development must include the training, a place and opportunity to use the skill and a community that values the person for their contribution.

Each Sustainable Family Community built offers a path out of urban slum extreme poverty to a local middle-class quality of life. It begins with the creation of training and jobs building and then working in new commercial-sized, food-producing businesses. These provide wages, benefits, profit sharing and ownership by the workers. The profits are all used to build-out a Community with homes, healthcare, education and other facilities and services that a decent community needs.

With the volunteer opportunities in our non-profit you can help those who are experiencing the effects of poverty to have jobs, food security, and to follow a self-sustaining path out of poverty to a life with pride and dignity. Together we are Leading the Way Out of Global Poverty with Sustainable Family Communities.

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