End World Poverty

How many different projects to you know that are claiming they are working to end world poverty?

There are food-banks, crop development, lending programs, training programs, projects for housing, clean water, sanitation, education, political reform and more.  And yet, have you noticed that none has been able to end world poverty.

Pope Francis, in his June 2015 Encyclical, pointed out that the only way we will end world poverty and environmental problems is with a comprehensive approach. That doing only highly focused projects (band-aids on symptoms) will never resolve the complex problem called poverty.  A comprehensive approach is exactly what is described in the book Poverty as my Teacher – Learning to Create Sustainable Family Communities by Robert E Miller Amazon E-Book Link.  In that book, Miller describes how for countries to have a healthy economy and society, they must have more healthy communities than unhealthy communities.  He explains how over 800 volunteers, universities and other organizations have contributed their ideas on how to create poverty-free Communities that have a sustainable economy, environment, food-supply and society.  They have created the path out of poverty for those who will follow it. This is a way of Leading the Way Out of Global Poverty® without using government money or ongoing donations.