Volunteer Opportunities in Colorado, New E-Book Release!

The most life-changing experience in my life was a volunteer opportunity to help at an orphanage in Mexico.  Little did I know that would change the course of my life. After continuing to volunteer at that orphanage whenever I could over a period of two years, I found myself in the process of adopting two of the children.

During the five year adoption process I found other volunteer opportunities at the orphanage that helped me see the socialization differences between children who are raised in orphanages and those who are being raised in a family. I began to learn that poverty and its effects was the reason over 90% of the children were in that orphanage. Some due to abuse, some neglect and many because their parent(s) could not afford to care for them

This became the starting point of what is a new initiative of Sustainable Family Communities® that are Leading the Way Out of Global Poverty® and a new E-book release explaining its importance – Poverty as my Teacher – Learning to Create Sustainable Family Communities https://www.amazon.com/Poverty-As-Teacher-Sustainable-Communities-ebook/dp/B01I0G33U4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1468359590&sr=8-1&keywords=poverty+as+my+teacher by Robert E Miller.  As it describes, by lowering poverty, more children will be able to stay in their families and fewer will need to experience life in orphanages.