Corporate Donations

Corporate Donations can be done in a number of ways, let us know how your corporation would like to get started helping Sustainable Families end world poverty.

Pro Bono Service

Are there departments or individuals in your organization who will feel energized by helping a nonprofit with a meaningful cause? Professional time is one of the best ways you can help!

Matching Gift Programs

Employees can double their donations to organizations they care about. Corporations are able to offer a benefit which employees appreciate, receive tax benefits, and can give back to a diverse set of nonprofits. Matching gift programs are based around the idea that taking a bottoms-up approach is an effective way to allocate corporate philanthropy dollars. Over 65% of Fortune 500 companies offering these programs, including many of the nation’s leading employers.

Dollar-for-Doer Programs

Does your organization have a dollar-for-doer program. These are grant programs set up by corporations to encourage their employees to volunteer within their communities. Although not as prevalent as matching gift programs, almost 40% of Fortune 500 companies offer some sort of volunteer grant program. The typical structure is to provide grants of around $10 – $15 per volunteer hour as long as an employee volunteers with the organization on a regular basis (ex. 20+ hours in a year).

Paid-Release Days

Many companies offer employees a few paid release days each year. Paid release days are where a company allows an employee to spend a day or two volunteering within the community during normal work hours and still gets paid for it. Your organization should consider raising awareness around paid- release days especially if you have major fundraising events coming up. If you host a fundraising run / walk, I’m sure the days leading up to the event are hectic. Find major companies in your area with paid- release days and ask supporters who work at those companies to request a day off to help your organization.

Non Cash Donations

Can your company or organization donate your product’s or services? It may be something that is on our wish list.

Donation of Company Stock

You can assist our nonprofit to be stronger by donating shares of your company.

Percent of Sales

Like an affiliate program, donating a percentage of sales to a nonprofit benefits the company reputation, customer satisfaction and those served by the nonprofit.