Who We Serve

Facing Displacement - Photo by Dabet Castaneda

Facing Displacement – Photo by Dabet Castaneda

The majority of the children who are in orphanages are there due to poverty and its effects. We seek to serve those children who are not yet orphaned and their families.

We have found a way to both keep children out of orphanages as well as to help those already there to be adopted.

Investigations into why children are in orphanages found that the majority are there due to poverty related issues within their families. With that knowledge, our Board of Directors refocused our goals to help orphans in two ways:

  1. By reducing the poverty that causes children to be neglected, abused or abandoned and put into orphanages; and
  2. To assist stable families who want to adopt to be able to get children out of orphanages.

This refocus broadened the scope of our work to help the families of potential orphans, those who are experiencing extreme poverty.

As a charitable humanitarian organization we consult with and assist countries that have the most extreme poverty in urban slums to create an alternative path for adults who currently live in those slums, where an orphan’s life frequently begins, to work their way out of poverty to a decent quality of life with dignity for themselves and their families in poverty-free Sustainable Family Communities.

Your donations help us to help those in extreme poverty to have a better life.