How We Work

We are Leading the Way Out of Global Poverty™ – providing a path out of poverty for those who desire to follow it.

SFC’s work begins with a focus on the areas of greatest need, the extreme poverty of developing country urban slums.  There you find people who have virtually no material goods, no home, often little or no education or job skills, but often a family to support.

Our first step is to find countries that have these slums and want to do something about it.  Unless the host country government wants to see the situation improve, it would be fruitless to begin a community and economic development initiative.

When a country’s leadership says, “Yes, we want this Sustainable Family Community initiative for the people of our country.” Then we can begin as consulting advisors on how to establish SFCs in their country.

The next step is to establish a nonprofit/NGO, the Country Leadership Organization,  that will take responsibility locally to acquire the land, raise the needed funding, oversee the construction and then monitor the operation of the new SFC to ensure it remains sustainable for generations to come.

Once the land has been acquired, the first construction begins on a commercial aquaculture and greenhouse business and a farm.  The need for construction and farm workers can be an immediate help to the unemployed of the urban slums. Once built, the businesses provide over 100 ongoing jobs.

The profits from the commercial businesses stay within the Community initiative to build out the homes, clinic and other facilities that a poverty-free Community needs. A little of the profits is also set aside to help begin the next community so more people can benefit.  This economic self-sustainability and self-replication means that no ongoing charity or government subsidies are needed to continue Leading the Way Out of Global Poverty™.