Vision and Mission

SFC infographic - Vision and Mission

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Leading the Way Out of Global Poverty™ with empowered people who work together to create and maintain small self-sustaining Communities in which families and former orphans are prospering and contributing to their society.

Mission Statement

To create sustainable family communities that purposefully integrate community owned profit-making businesses to facilitate family stability and encourage adoption of orphans within the local country. This is accomplished with an organization that establishes, in developing countries, communities that are:

  • Economically self-sufficient
  • Environmentally green
  • Food sustainable
  • Socially sustainable
  • High-technology based

…in which families and their children:

  • have the opportunity for good jobs
  • share ownership in community businesses
  • receive healthcare
  • continue their education through access to trade schools or universities
  • learn how to use computers
  • participate in social and recreational activities
  • receive job skills training
  • learn to live in a socially sustainable family, community and nation

…so they are better prepared for the future.